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Chronic health conditions affect more than half of our population. If you are part of this statistic, you are in the right place! Reclaim your health today.

How different would your life look if you felt better?

Reframe Lifestyle


Built on a philosophy of learn-and-implement and specifically designed for those with chronic health conditions, Reframe Lifestyle teaches you principles that help you take back control of your health. Through this self-paced health-hacking course, you will learn how to decipher what your body is telling you and know how to respond with informed food choices customized for the ongoing health of your body. This knowledge will help you recover your health now and understand how to maintain your newfound health long-term.

What you eat has the power to change your body’s biology.

The Reframe Lifestyle course will explore how food has impacted the growth and decline of our species, societies, and even our biology, leading to this epidemic. Your body is smarter than your mind. What you eat has the power to change your body’s biology. You can control your chronic health conditions and create a healthy future. We will show you how to work with it instead of against it so that your body becomes the only health expert you ever need.

No matter what chronic conditions you are suffering from, you can feel better!

This course includes a thorough tearing down of all previous nutrition and health misconceptions, and reframing how we think about the facts through human biology and personal connections. When it comes to chronic conditions, we have a choice about how often we experience the symptoms. The foods we eat have everything to do with the amount of inflammation and insulin-related health issues we experience.

This course will blow your preconceived notions of “balanced” and “healthy” diets out of the water and give you a new foundation to build your true health on.

We will shift your nutrition paradigm and empower you to create your own long-term nutrition plan. You can control your chronic health conditions and create a healthy future with the Reframe Lifestyle.


We are ready to help you!

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Everyone deserves to have the tools they need to recover their health.

That includes you.





Course Learning Modules

module #1: History.

History of human nutrition: How did we get here?

  • How our ancestors ate.
  • Civilization and agriculture made us less healthy.
  • Fallibility of nutritional studies.

module #2: Body Biology.

What’s really happening in my body?

  • How a healthy body is designed to function.
  • Symptoms are adaptations to keep you alive.
  • The root causes of all chronic conditions.

module #3: Foods.

Foods in your body: How food changes our biology.

  • Why digestion of macronutrients matters to your health.
  • Impact of different foods on insulin levels.
  • Some foods cause inflammation. Learn why.

module #4: Tools.

Putting it into action: Skills for continued success.

  • From patterns to connections to healing: Awareness Chart.
  • Most healing foods for your health recovery journey.
  • Cooking methods for easy digestion.

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