Reframe Psoriasis

What if you never had to worry about when or why a flare-up may occur, wearing long sleeves in the summer, buying expensive makeup to cover up scars, being embarrassed of your plaques, or searching high and low for relief?

What if psoriasis shame, irritation, embarrassment, and worry were removed from the equation of your life?

How different would your life look if your psoriasis wasn’t in control?

Reframe Psoriasis


The only psoriasis course that changes the way you think about your condition. Psoriasis is not random. It is a logical series of events. When you understand them, you get to create the life you want to live: symptom-free.


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Course Learning Modules

module #1: Introduction

  • How we got here.
  • What to expect from this mastercourse.
  • Tips for success.

module #2: The Psoriasis Ladder & Other Elephants in the room

  • Psoriasis basics: Steps on the ladder.
  • Types of psoriasis: What’s the difference?

module #3: Cold, Hard Science & Psoriasis History

  • Human history of psoriasis.
  • Medical treatment options vs. DIY treatments.

module #4: Biology: Not up for debate.

  • How your body regulates itself.
  • Symptoms: Not the problem.
  • Causes vs. Triggers.

module #5: What is Psoriasis, really?

  • The real cause of psoriasis.
  • Why inflammation matters.
  • How to start supporting your immune system.

module #6: Why nutrition matters to your biology.

  • How to not get overwhelmed by nutrition information
  • Macronutrients and digestion.

module #7: Beyond Macronutrients

  • Learn how individual foods can cause inflammation.
  • Understand why certain foods will trigger psoriasis flare-ups.
  • How to think about plants to improve your health.

module #8: Lights, Camera, Action!

  • Skills and action plan for creating your sustainable lifestyle.
  • Other factors that improve psoriasis.
  • Step by step guide to long-term success.

EVERYONE deserves to have the tools they need to recover their health.

That includes YOU.


We are ready to help you!

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  • Super Gourd (and Root) Party at my house.
  • And he said,
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