We aren’t Drs. – Trust Your Body

Who should you listen to?

Hi, my name is Kindra, co-founder of Reframe Wellness.  I have a B.S. in Community Health, am a nutritionist, and a certified health and wellness coach. I share a lot of information and guidance about health, biology, and endocrinology with our clients. Unfortunately, because I’m not a M.D. or a biologist, nor do I have a PhD in endocrinology (although I may pursue this in the future), when introducing our program to potential clients, the lack of doctor-type initials following my name occasionally prompts the question of whether or not anyone should listen to me. 

To that I say, yes, please listen, but don’t blindly follow. Relying on the medical establishment to solve all of our problems and blindly following their recommendations got us into this state. So, for your health’s sake, don’t blindly follow anyone, including me. Test it for yourself. 

Your body is smart

Your body is smart. It will tell you, if it hasn’t already, whether the lifestyle you’re living is moving you closer to health or further away. When I say “lifestyle”, I am not inferring a judgement on any life choices. Your body has already made that judgement, and you are living the results.

Your body is smart. Do you need a doctor to tell you that you don’t feel good? Likely not.

Your body is smart. Chronic health conditions are mind tricksters though. Although your body has been giving you signals, your mind may not be tuned into them, or even more likely, your mind may be chalking them up to [INSERT EXCUSE X HERE]. So, since your body is so smart, it worsens these signals over time, expressly to get your attention. It may feel like they’ve snuck up on you because you distinctly remember that one day, out of the wild blue, when you were made fully aware that something was haywire, right? You just might not have known what the name of that something was. That’s why you went to the doctor: to identify your newly acquired enemy so you could figure out how to combat it. 

A doctor may/may not have a name for the set of symptoms you’re experiencing, but they probably prescribed you at least one medication and broke the news to you that there is no cure. What they will never tell you is how to heal your body and live a life without your symptoms. You now need to learn to live with your diagnosis and all of its accoutrements.

What would you do if I, the non-doctor, told you that you don’t need to wait for a cure to be discovered or a new pill to be invented – you know, one without the terrible side-effects you’re currently experiencing, to start feeling better? Would you be interested in learning more?

Now, it’s up to you.

If you’re not happy where you are, we can help. On our program, your body will let you know that you are feeling better. Immediately. There is no waiting involved. More than that, you will know WHY you are feeling better and be able to sustain that feeling for the rest of your life. Cool, right? All from a non-doctor.

Just to be clear: We will never claim that we have everything figured out and that is exactly why you should listen. We keep learning every day, just like the rest of humanity. Our mission is to share what we do have figured out: how to help you reestablish control over the chronic disease that keep you confined, exhausted, distressed, depressed, and in pain. Your body will confirm that you are doing the right thing. There is a future in which you can live symptom- and pain-free, every day. We want to empower you to make it happen. 

P.S. If you’re looking for hard evidence: Our clients have listened, and recovered their health, in very short order. While our clients are pretty exceptional people, they aren’t employing any kind of black/white magic or voodoo to garner these results. And, their bodies aren’t any differently made up than yours. You can know these results too. Everyday. 

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“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”

— Winston Churchill
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Reducing inflammation
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