Staying Sane: Not as easy as it looks

As the requirement for social distancing drags on, our sources of income are reduced, and all normalcy continues to be stood on its head, we here at Reframe Wellness have begun to understand in a very real way the importance of mental health to overall wellness. We tend to spend most of our time focusing on food, as we believe that does provide the baseline for our health and wellness. However, the importance of mitigating stress and prioritizing self-care cannot be overstated in uncertain times like this.

And it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday! That’s why this week, we’ve prepared a small list of ideas for preserving the little sanity we have left, inspired by the positive energy of our mother. She’s 64 years old, healthier than most people ¼ her age, and has accomplished more by 10 am on any given morning than most people do in a week. Here are some of her best wellness philosophies.

1. Keep exploring and learning.

This world is full of amazing things to see, do, and learn. Right now we may not be able to physically get out and do a lot, but there are still so many ways to continue exploring right from home. Take a free online history class from Harvard, watch Youtube cooking tutorials for recipes you never bothered to try before, plan future trips to see World Heritage sites, download an app that reminds you to self-reflect every few hours. There’s no limit to they things you can explore right now. It’s not about “accomplishing” anything. It’s about remembering that there’s more in this big wide world than the misery it’s so easy to feel if we limit ourselves to our own minds.

2. Spend time focusing on others.

Self-care is so important. There’s no denying that we need to put ourselves first and make time for rituals that rejuvinate us. That being said, sometimes the best way to pull yourself out of a slump is to focus on others. Taking a meal to a shut-in neighbor, grocery shopping for an elderly friend, Facetime someone you know is living alone right now, or even just give your dog a bath. All of this reminds us we’re not alone and it’s not all about us. We’re all in it together. When we do thing or two that brings a smile to someone else, it does even more for us.

3. Find reasons to laugh. Give reasons to laugh.

It’s easy to go down the rabbit hole of negative news, but it’s just as easy to find positivity, it’s up to us what to focus on. Again, there’s a whole internet full of funny memes and videos, or you could just put on an old Halloween costume and send selfies to all your friends with no context. Nothing is normal right now, you don’t have to be either. Learning to laugh at yourself is an invaluable skill.

4. Don’t be afraid to get a little dirty.

When taken literally, this advice could mean that it’s awesome to get out and work outside. Plant flowers or veggies. Not only is it something to get you out and exercising and soaking up that Vitamin D, but now, it brings joy in the form of beauty and yumminess later. But this advice can also apply metaphorically. Every day isn’t going to be joyful, we may discover we’ve got a lot of deep issues we’ve not had the time or inclination to address before. We’ll have horrible days where we don’t feel we have strength to do anything but wallow. Self-reflection isn’t always pretty, but if we get a little uncomfortable, then we can grow.

5. Dance in the hail.

I just wanted an excuse to show everyone this adorable photo, but it really does encapsulate living with less fear. Our loved ones are suffering, we are suffering, we are wondering how we’ll ever pull our lives back together, and then the sky opens up and shoots golf ball sized hail at us just to add insult to injury. Well guess what? It turns out hail makes a very danceable beat as it hits the roof, and the absurdity of the whole situation makes people smile.

6. And finally, sleep more!

A lack of sleep is associated with nearly every negative health outcome you can think of, and the average American sleeps just over 6 hours per night during their regular life schedule. For most people, that’s not enough for their bodies to recharge and heal from the stress of each day. Now, we’ve really got no reason to skimp on sleep. Enjoy it! Besides, sometimes dissociation can be a really good coping mechanism, as long as it’s temporary! The bottom line is, don’t be too hard on yourself! We’ll all wake up from this eventually. Please take care. <3


Thanks for the inspo, Mom! Happy Mother’s Day! We know, and now everyone else knows, that you’re the best!

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