Reframe Wellness x vitalxchange

We’re so excited to announce our new partnership as an expert nutrition and lifestyle resource within the vitalxchange community!

Just as the name implies, vitalxchange is a health network for helpful resources, experts, and community! Their goal is to ensure that no one ever feels alone or isolated on their health or caregiver journey. Whether its a peer or a professional, vitalxchange wants to connect you to everything you need, when you need it.

Initially developed to support the autism caregiver community, this brilliant team has expanded their reach and now includes resources for child development and general health, including corporate wellness and individuals.

They facilitate this through their app with answers at your fingertips and a team of experts in your pocket!

  • Ask your question and many matched experts respond
  • Choose who you want to chat with
  • Chat with as many experts as you want
  • Each chat just costs as much as a cup of coffee
  • First coffee is free!
  • Keep in touch with your favorite experts by signing up for their free groups and other offerings!

The Reframe Wellness offerings on this platform will include: weekly meal planning customized to specific lifestyle and nutrition needs (complete with recipes and grocery lists), ask-me-anything chats, topical webinars, nutrition and wellness coaching, and a micro-version of our Reframe Lifestyle course.

Here is their story: “Our story began, when we, like most people, were constantly searching for health information all the time to understand a symptom, to find a doctor, to help a child with learning issue, to confirm a diagnosis or know when to seek a second opinion.

We googled and sorted through hundreds of search results, felt overwhelmed and most of the time did not know how to process and what to do next. Medical sources like WebMD were only useful only if you knew the exact terms to look for. The formal language was difficult to process and often we falsely self-diagnosed, resulting in even more anxiety! When we tried joining health groups like those on Facebook, we got quite concerned about the accuracy of highly opinionated information and exposing all our private health information to be exploited by Facebook. We were also afraid of being judged or trolled by other members of the group, which we could see was quite common.

We were quite frustrated and knew that most others felt the same way.

So, we created vitalxchange.”

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