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Whether you’re an employer or an individual, choose the program that is right for you and start the path to reclaimed health and cost savings today.




There are so many “experts” that its hard to know who to believe, or why. Transparency, intent, and motivation are key points to understand about anyone you entrust your health to.


Tell me why


The mind is constantly looking for external advice even though the body already knows the answer.

This causes us to be susceptible to fads, mis-information, and ultimately, discouragement.

The key to breaking this frustrating cycle is understanding that it’s not your fault. Most nutrition advice is incomplete or wrong.

Your body is smart. Listen to it.

By listening to your body, you can take back control of your health.

How different would your life look if you felt better?

Our programs will show you how.


Reframe Lifestyle

Built on a philosophy of learn-and-implement and specifically designed for those with chronic health conditions, the Reframe Lifestyle: Prevention course teaches you principles that help you take back control of your health. Through this self-paced health-hacking course, you will learn how to decipher what your body is telling you and know how to respond with informed food choices customized for the ongoing health of your body. This knowledge will help you recover your health now and understand how to maintain your newfound health long-term. 

What you eat has the power to change your body’s biology.


Reframe Psoriasis

The only psoriasis course that changes the way you think about your condition. Psoriasis is not random. It is a logical series of events. When you understand them, you get to create the life you want to live: symptom-free.

Stop. Stop being ashamed. Stop spending your hard-earned money on ineffective remedies and medications. Stop your flare-ups before they start.


Reframe Fasting

This 4-week, guided fasting course will give you the understanding and confidence to have the power tool of fasting in your Reframed lifestyle toolbox! This progressive approach is safe and effective for anyone and you will be surprised at how simple, yet life changing, it is!

Fasting is the absolute quickest way to heal your body.






Nutritionist, and Certified Health Coach




At Reframe Wellness we help people understand how food impacts their body’s biology so that they can live the life they want, symptom-free. 

Our programs are more convenient than ever! 

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Company updates, current events, health-related “news”, and other controversial topics addressed here. We share helpful tips, tricks, and recipes to help you adapt and continue to get the most out of your new lifestyle.

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“I was in really bad shape: 26 pounds overweight, on Lisinapril for my high blood pressure, and had just been diagnosed with high cholesterol. My doctor told me I needed another nasty med for that and I needed to reduce my sodium intake. I told my doctor I’d rather try a natural approach first and asked for a little bit of time to look for something to try. That’s when I talked to Kindra and implemented her program. After 90 days, I was re-tested and my doctor said, ‘You need to START eating salt because your sodium level is low, quit taking the blood pressure medication because you don’t need it anymore, and your HDL/LDL/Triglycerides are perfect. If you keep doing what you’re doing you won’t need to see me again for a year.’ In addition to changing my diet and losing and keeping off all of the weight I’d gained, I have so much energy I’ve started walking 30 minutes per day and even added weights to my daily exercise routine. I am 73 and I feel great! I have Kindra to thank!”

— Alfred M.
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